Dr. Martin's Magical Cabinet

We like people with vision.  People who get excited talking about our mission to create distinctive built-in cabinetry that’s beautiful, functional, and a perfect compliment to their lifestyle and home.  Dr. Martin is one of those people. He had a vision. And a list.  And a very poorly done sketch on a napkin. (Why are they always on a napkin?)

We like a challenge.  

A bench that tucks seamlessly into the cabinet?  

Sure, we can do that. 

A panel that slides down to hide all  my junk?

No problem.  

Perfectly matched, hand seamed walnut veneer that wraps around doors and drawers?

Yeah we can do that too. 

Creating built-in cabinetry of the highest caliber is what we do. We have years of experience blending the best of old-world techniques with modern-day tools and practices to produce truly stunning results. 

What can we build for you?  

Call us today at 914-788-6288 to discuss your project. 

Walnut Desk Cabinet